How-To Delete the Web Part from Page Using PowerShell Scripts for the Existing Projects Sites

Posted By Posted by: Ahmed Taee on June 22, 2017

Sometimes we are required to delete the web part from an existing project’s site. In this blog, I will guide you step-by-step on how to delete the web part using a PowerShell script: Run an SQL query to get the list of the projects and their URL SELECT [ProjectName] ,[ProjectWorkspaceInternalHRef] FROM [MSP_EpmProject_UserView] Copy the results with

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Connected SharePoint Site Settings Moved

Posted By Posted by: Irfan Rizvi on May 30, 2017

A recent change to Project Online for customers on “First Release” is related to the Settings for Project Sites, which were previously under “Connected SharePoint Sites” page in PWA Settings. These settings were global to the whole PWA and were applicable to all Enterprise Project Types, while this worked fine there were two major drawbacks

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Best Practices to Write JavaScript for Project Online (part 2)

Posted By Posted by: Hammad Arif on May 30, 2017

Checking the Project details page edit mode This tip is about changing script behaviour based on the fact that project is editable or not. I recently created a custom editable grid for users to enter project financial information. However, I wanted the grid to behave like regular PDP input fields which does not allow editing

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How to Create an Auto-Incrementing Number Field in a SharePoint List

Posted By Posted by: Ahmed Taee on April 27, 2017

Auto-numbering is a common requirement when working with SharePoint lists. You may want an auto-incrementing number on Issues list items such as “ISS-001” and so on. If you try using calculated column with ID field and entered a formula such as = (“ISS-00” & [ID]), this won’t work for new items! The reason being ID field is

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Extended Limits for Project Online

Posted By Posted by: Kurtis Mcvay on April 20, 2017

As we experience successes with Project Online, more and more users find reasons to use it. In some heavy usage scenarios, the issue of performance may exist. Despite Project Online being Software as a Service (SaSS), tenants are not 100% clear from administrative responsibility of maintaining a responsive system. It is something Microsoft and each

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Project Cost Estimate Problems and Approach to a Solution

Posted By Posted by: Laith Adel on March 15, 2017

In order to understand the cost estimates problems, we need to understand the business expectation of the project. Here are some common expectations carried by most organizations: Achieve more goals, benefits and objectives that support the businesses changing strategies and tactics. And not just delivering more projects and programs. Achieve more with less money and

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