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.. so how do we do it ?

In today’s business world, the main challenge around PPM implementations is change. This change can come from (for example) a lack of Project Managers’ buy-in (a people problem), slow approval for projects’ artefacts (a process problem) or inadequate financial data integration (a tool problem).

Through a range of Care services we help PMOs ensure the successful implementation of the PPM tool. To facilitate this service, customers pre-purchase blocks of hours which are provided and administered under EPM Partners’ Application Support Services Agreement.

Under this arrangement, customers can call down a number of post-implementation services that will ensure the success of the PPM implementation. However, different charge multipliers apply to different types of service.  Check these out below:


Support sits at the core of our Care services as the go-to point for your administrator to log issues and support requests. This is a level-two support service that will resolve issues and manage incidents raised by the PPM administrator. Our level-three support resources will be assigned to these problems and fix them.

Support also provides the technical expertise to answer PPM-related questions. It provides access to really-experienced support resources who can advise, evaluate, plan and discuss any PPM-related issues and resolutions with the PPM administrators.

EPM Partners creates a dedicated site for each of its support customers, where authorised customer personnel access an online forum to log, track and close issues, track consumption of support hours and store related documents and artefacts.

Microsoft Project Support Services


The purpose of our administration service is to support the mission of the PPM tool as it is defined by the PMO, by planning, coordinating and overseeing all activities related to the use of the PPM tool.  Activities may include offering level-one user support, the delivery of further configurations (as and when required) and system/user maintenance to act as the go-to resource for all things PPM.

Our PPM administrators can also ensure that any integration of external data into the PPM is meeting functional requirements and system compliance, perform daily monitoring, and enforce and monitor security models.

Typical maintenance tasks for a PPM administrator might include the addition, deletion and maintenance of users (including rights and permissions), custom fields add/delete/modify, online views build, templates and forms, SharePoint sites changes, lists and libraries, and reports generation and preparations.


Well trained users are essential to the successful implementation of PPM solutions. We respond to users’ different knowledge requirements by structuring training either by role or by PPM function. EPM Partners delivers training in two ways: Onsite – based on either standard training outlines or outlines customised to specific requirements – and public class room, an approach that presents an opportunity to “cross-pollinate” by sharing experiences, methods and ideas with PPM users from other organisations.

EPM Partners will create a training materials and the environment to replicate the specific PPM configurations used by the customer organisation. This results in a training experience that matches the real-life use of the application.

Microsoft Project Online Training


Under this service we monitor and measure system usage/activity on behalf of the customer to identify variances from its portfolio, program and project management standards and plans. An example of this could be monitoring schedules which are checked for correct work WBS, for milestones, completeness, publish history, etc., and from here, corrective action can be taken when necessary to meet project objectives.

We kick-off this service by conducting a workshop to identify the monitoring road map, identifying key PMO governance metrics and methods, and the preferred reports and dashboard to show project management trends and key PMO governance metrics.

Change Management

An onsite service that ensures the successful adoption of the PPM tool. This service will be delivered by a senior consultant who will provide business and technical consulting, training, coaching and management services to ensure that the tool, the process and the people are all aligned to deliver the benefits expected.

The senior consultant will be communicating the PMO message, getting people involved and engaged, verifying that PMO cycles are happening, synchronizing user roles and processes, and deliver one-on-one coaching with project managers, executives, resource managers and team members.

PPM Project Management



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