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Effective PPM solutions provides organisations of different sizes and maturity levels with the right tools to deliver projects on time and to realise the anticipated return on investment.  We take a flexible approach to implementation to ensure customers can select appropriate functionality, implemented to the right level, to meet their current and future business requirements.

We engage with customers in a number of different ways to implement Microsoft PPM solutions – whether on Project Online, EPMonDemand or on Project Server.

Fixed Price PPM-in-a-Box

We recognise that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all PPM solution and understand that there is a set of typical, and most often required, PPM functions.  PPM-in-a-Box packages are fixed-price, fixed-scope sets of proven, standardised consulting services (both business and technical) and configuration processes that deliver successful implementations of Microsoft PPM.  They are based upon a tried-and-tested PPM system implementation methodology that facilitates the configuration of the tool to the customer’s specific requirements.

There are three different levels of PPM-in-a-Box: Lite, Standard and Enterprise.

Advantages of the PPM-in-a-Box approach include control over budget, control over scope and proven approach (over 70% of our customers choose this engagement option.)

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Time and Materials

In this type of engagement, customers are charged by the hour for work delivered. EPM Partners provides estimates for specific pieces of work, or complete engagements, as appropriate.

Time and materials engagements allow us to be more responsive to clients’ changing needs and priorities.


Fixed price engagements are best when customers are able to very tightly define what they need.  EPM Partners can then quote a single, fixed-price for the engagement, and will deliver to this price, as long as scope doesn’t change once the project is underway.  If it does, a change management process is used to control the revised scope.

PPM Solutions – Fixed Price
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This engagement type is for customers that want to start using a PPM solution fast but in a reasonably simple way, and then evolve the functionality deployed over time as their users become confident and competent with it.
In these engagements we adopt an iterative approach to delivery. Each iteration will deliver one or more functional areas of the PPM tool, and each iteration goes through three phases:

Introduce: in this phase the specific functionality will be fully developed and tested (with any applicable integration points) and any data relevant to the particular function will be migrated and/or uploaded.
Adopt: administrators, trainers and users are trained on the iteration’s specific functional areas. The purpose of the Adopt phase is to make sure that the tool supports clients’ processes and to ensure user buy-in. It is therefore good practice to allow for some fine-tuning of the configurations in response to user feedback.
Measure: a post-implementation review is conducted to measure the success of the iteration in meeting the business requirements. Based upon findings from this Measure phase, the next iteration can be planned.

Agile engagements are delivered by a consultant committed to a schedule of on-site visits (typically two to three days at a time), spread over a number of weeks or months.



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