2014 Microsoft Project Conference Booth Highlights

Posted By Posted by: Laith Adel on May 2, 2014

FluentPro Booth
We’ve had the pleasure of being in contact with the guys at FluentPro for many years, and our pick of nifty products this year would have to be the FluentPro “Formulas”. If you are familiar with deploying Project Server and the configuration of the Enterprise Custom Field, you will at some point realise there are limitations.  One of those limitations is integrating with other systems.  FluentPro Formulas is Enterprise Custom Fields on Steroids. We can now, through the custom field formula box, reach out to a whole set of new functionality. It’s now possible to extend what’s entered into the formula box and there is an extended API.  So we can generate new unique Project ID’s with prefixes, categorise projects based on schedule size, and take a look at how many tasks are within projects to determine what we want to surface up at a project level – a custom field called Project Category for example.  We can count the number of highly influential risks on projects to give a risk impact rating.  The ability also exits to access external web services so we can reach out to other line-of-business systems. But for us the most exciting thing was that we can create direct SQL queries to backend databases.  Great tool.  For product information and licensing costs go to Fluentpro website.

Another FluentPro is EPM Pulse. Rapid self-service BI reporting made-easy! It has been around for a while but really delivers value. You can build BI dashboards with it using a simple drag-and-drop editor. It has real-time data updates so you can embed a dashboard you have created within a webpage and, once it is embedded, could be made a PDP or a project site landing page. The real time data updates means it refreshes the data based on changes happening in your environment. It has many preview charts and dashboards for a business user to immediately get value from.  It also has the ability to present in full screen.

Sensei Booth
Sensei is in the business of developing apps for the Project platform.  Their team presented Project Dashboard. This utilises the task pane in Project Professional.  The task pane presents graphically and summarises all relevant project information.  There is a project overview that gives you access to the key metrics as well as a task overview, where you can quickly identify tasks that require attention and a summary around documents, issues, risks  and deliverables. Sensei is a company that is delivering some really great apps work.

Pro Symmetry Booth
Pro Symmetry has come up with a product called Tempus – a resource management tool.  This product snapshots all the data within in Project Server and provides data offline.  It also analyses and processes the data, optimising it to provide a view of resources data.  While there is some capability within out-of-the-box Project Server, Tempus provides is a full and interactive dynamic list of the projects in a heat map broken down by department and resource to see which resources are over or under allocated.

Another great feature is the ability to run simulations and optimise capacity. You can create a range of different scenarios to see which scenarios best align to get the most project value at a certain point in time.

Overall the conference is a pretty slick event and if you get a chance to attend a future one, grab it.

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