Adding comma ‘,’ in text lookup entry on Project Server lookup tables

Posted By Posted by: Irfan Rizvi on August 4, 2017

In Project Server / Project Online lookup tables, if you add a text lookup entry which contains a comma ‘,’ as such:

A validation message will appear on Project Server to say:


The lookup table values cannot contain the server list separator ‘,’ because, in multiple value fields, the entries are separated by a comma, hence a comma in the value is identified as a reserved character.

A simple way to work around this problem is to replace the comma in values with a comma look-a-like ASCII characteThis character looks like a normal comma but it is actually a different ASCII character with HTML Code ‚

Note: You can copy the comma in bold and paste it in your text.

A full list of Ascii characters can be found at this link

Once the comma is replaced with this character, the project server will let you save the lookup table. The comma look-a-like then will be visible when the user expands the drop down as shown below:


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