Benefits of the Project Workspace List Viewer Web Part

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on December 20, 2011

The Project Workspace List Viewer Web Part (PWLV) is part of the Microsoft Project Server 2010 Solution Starter pack and is one that most consultants can’t do without. It provides us with the ability to display Project Site lists from within a Project Detail Page.

The key benefits of this web part include:

  • The ability to create a ‘One stop shop’ for Project Managers

The project manager doesn’t have to keep opening the project site to modify project artefacts, then swap back to the project information and schedule in Project Centre. It can all be accessed via the same interface

  • The ability to hide/display important artefacts relevant to the workflow stage

You may store document templates in the document libraries ready for the PM to use, however with the PWLV you can display these documents by linking the library to a Project Detail page that is displayed at certain points of the workflow!

  • The ability to display any type of information

There is no limit to the amount of custom information that you can display for project managers. All you need to do is create the content on the Project Site template.

Examples of how you can use the PWLV include:

  • Displaying the Risks and Issues lists
  • Displaying the Deliverables list
  • Displaying project document libraries
  • Displaying team discussion board
  • Displaying custom lists designed for:
    • Change Requests
    • Actions
    • Decisions
    • Dependencies
    • Financial Information
    • Report Libraries
    • Status Updates
    • Document templates
    • Requirements log
    • Test Cases
    • Post Implementation Surveys
    • Wiki Pages
    • And so on….


  • To understand its potential, begin by downloading the solution starters and deploy the PWLV to your Project Server 2010 environment.
  • Create your Project Site lists and content that you wish to display (recommend deploying via Project Site templates)
  • It all begins with Project Detail Pages, another great new feature of Project Server 2010 as they allow us to now organise our Project Custom fields in a better presentation than ever before:

Providing the Project Manager with all of their project information and artefacts at their fingertips is important. To do this, we can create Project Detail Pages to display key project information, status update information and project contacts by adding the Project Fields web part to project detail pages.

  • However we can also display key project artefacts from the Project site once we have deployed the PWLV solution starter by adding this web part:

  • Once it is added to a project detail page, select to Edit Web Part from the web part drop down


  • Provide the name of the list that you wish to display from the Project Site, you must enter the name exactly how it appears on the site:

You can also rename the web part so that it is relevant to the list you are displaying, e.g. Project Risks

  • Select OK on the Edit Web part dialog, and Stop Editing on the SharePoint ribbon

Make sure you also name your Project Detail Page something relevant to the list you are displaying

  • Then you just need to add the Project Detail pages to the relevant Workflow Stages and Enterprise Project Types as required

Then bingo! Any project that has this detail page and a project site will be able to see the list data from their Project Detail Pages.

Be creative and enjoy this new feature, I bet you won’t deploy Project Server without it!

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