Bulk Checking in Checked Out Documents

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on February 5, 2013

If you have read my previous blog on using the Explorer view to upload multiple documents, you have now likely experienced the following scenario. You have just uploaded a number of projects that you can clearly see are on the site, but no one else can see them when they browse to the site.

The reason for this, is that after uploading multiple documents to a project site, they will all have a status of checked out until you update the metadata values and “Check in” the documents. Until the documents have been checked in for the first time, no other users will be able to see them. The below steps describe how to perform a bulk check in to ensure the documents you just uploaded are available for authorized users to access.

Note: For information on how to upload multiple documents via the Explorer window, and how to update document metadata via the datasheet view, see the previous blog in this two part series “Using the Explorer View to Bulk Upload Documents to a SharePoint Site”.


Click Steps





  1. Observe the document   icons. Documents that are checked out have the green arrow displayed

Note: Checked out documents will only be able to be opened in a Read only mode if they have been checked in on at least one occasion previously

                Document Icons SharePoint
  1. Click the Check Box for the required files
       Check Box SharePoint
  1. Click Check In (or discard Check Out) from the Documents ribbon
       Check In SharePoint


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