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Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on December 5, 2017

Below is a transcription of the video covering the work EPM Partners completed with nationwide energy organisation AGL in deploying and implementing a PPM solution. Aimed at overcoming existing project management obstacles with innovative solutions using Project Online, the partnership was a fruitful one, delivering on all tasks.


Andy Williams (Head of IT Delivery, AGL): AGL is one of Australia’s largest energy companies with more than 3.7 million customers and a diverse portfolio of generation assets ranging from thermal assets through to renewable energy.

We have an increasing focus on batteries, solar, other aspects of new technology, home energy management which is what we believe our customers are also looking for.

At the moment within I.T. in AGL we’re looking at ways to deliver our services in a more flexible, more agile, more cost-effective ways so areas of technology such as cloud have become very important to us.

Bill Allars (Portfolio Management & Deliver Support, AGL): AGL, previously, before we put project online in place, used to manage projects on an individual basis. So each project would have its own Sharepoint team site, each project would have its own schedule. And each project would be, if you’d like, an independent entity.

Kellie Harvey (IT Energy Markets Portfolio Manager, AGL): Team members all have access to the tools to be able to view information, register updates, look at our team leave calendar and generally share across the team. From project manager’s perspective, it’s great for me because I’m able to enter my risks, my issues, my decision log. We track our project schedule via project online. And importantly I’m able to extract my regular stakeholder reporting out of project online.

AW: What Project Online reports now give me is confidence that what I see in front of me in the Dashboard is actually the status of the project on the ground. And it also frees up my team, to spend their time on whether projects are performing, rather than on collecting administered data from project managers.

BA: What we’re able to do now is we’re able to provide much more insight into the data than we ever could. Because it’s easier to pull the data together, it’s easier to analyse the data, it’s easier to pull graphs together and to actually provide management insight into what the portfolio’s doing and where the portfolio’s at.

AW: Office 365 had given us confidence that we can run a very large Microsoft cloud-based software solution effectively. So, we wanted to use that experience and do our project management in the same way by running out Microsoft Project Online.

BA: So Project Online integrate seamlessly with Office 365. So for us to be able to use it and for us to be able to set up tenancies, really just selecting options within Office 365. The added advantage to that is we’ve got all of our users using Office 365 so the actual administration of it from our point of view is really quite simple.

AW: The reason we used a partner to help us with the Project Online implementation was simply to make sure we didn’t use new tools in the old way. We felt they had useful I.P. to bring to the table on how to get the most out of Project Online.

BA: EPM Partners helped us in a number of ways in bringing a standard product offering to the table which useful for us to make that sure we actually understood what it was we’re requiring.

AW: One of the most valuable aspects of the Project Online Single Source of Truth data in one place objectives is that we can look back at the projects that we’ve run and, in a rigorous data-driven way, establish what we learn from that project and how to do it better going forward.

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