Column Limits on SharePoint Lists

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Limited amount of columns can be created in SharePoint list in the project site.


The only way is to optimise the number and type of columns used to ensure the best combination of columns are created.

Referencing the Technet article from Microsoft.

  1. Each list/library item can only occupy 8,000 bytes in total in the database.
  2. 256 bytes for built-in columns, which leaves 7,744 bytes for custom columns.

Different column types varies in size and based on their size per column and a technology called row wrapping the following are the maxiumum number of columns that can be created per type in a single list/library.

  • Single line of text = 276
  • Multi lines of text = 192
  • Choice = 276
  • Number = 72
  • Currency = 72
  • Date and Time = 48
  • Lookup = 96
  • Yes / No = 96
  • Perso or group = 96
  • Hyperlink or picture = 138
  • Calculated = 48
  • GUID = 6
  • Int = 96
  • Managed metadata = 94

Note:* When using a mixture of column types the proper calculations should be used outlined in the MS TechNet article to calculate how much memory is used and remaining for extra columns.

Posted with permission from James Park.

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