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Posted By Posted by: Irfan Rizvi on May 30, 2017

A recent change to Project Online for customers on “First Release” is related to the Settings for Project Sites, which were previously under “Connected SharePoint Sites” page in PWA Settings.

These settings were global to the whole PWA and were applicable to all Enterprise Project Types, while this worked fine there were two major drawbacks to this approach:

  1. There was no straightforward way to define the project site creation behaviour at the EPT level, hence customers were forced to stick to one setting for all their project types, e.g. if a customer wanted a project site to be automatically created for all their IT projects but not for their BAU project, this was not supported without customization.
  2. If Auto Project site creation was turned on, it had a significant impact on the performance of the solution and project creation was slower.

Therefore, Microsoft made this significant change to allow Project Creation settings to be decided at the EPT level. Now, when you add/edit an EPT you will see these new options:

The main change in Automatic Site Creation is that it has changed from Automatically create a site on first publish to Automatically create a site on next publish. This means that if this is selected, the Project Site will not be created when a project is created but you have to publish the project after its creation for Project Site to be created.

The following demonstrates this process:

  1. We created a new Project
  2. On Project Server Queue, we notice that there are no Project Site related activities
  3. When the Project is successfully created, we notice that the project site is not yet created
  4. We can now publish the project through Schedule PDP or MS Project
  5. This triggers the Project Site creation jobs in the queue
  6. and the site was created successfully

If the requirement is to keep this process completely automated, one workaround is to trigger a publish at the start of the project site workflow (if exists).


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2 thoughts on “Connected SharePoint Site Settings Moved”

  1. Hello Irfan, great article, thanks! Just out of my curiosity, how did you manage to get the “Publish the project” action into your workflow? No matter what, I can not find this useful command in my action list. Thanks for your answer!

  2. Hi Riso,

    Thank you for liking the blog, The Publish the project action is available in “SharePoint 2013 Workflow – Project Server” type of site workflow. under “Project Web App Actions”

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