Create a View in Office 365 to Quickly View Licensed Project Online Users

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on October 16, 2015

There may be times when you need to perform an Office 365 licensing review. A fresh Office 365 subscription will not have a view to show just your Project Online users. You will need to create one.

There may be many reasons why you may be doing this, probably you need to perform an audit or simply figure out who can do what in Project Online.  Please note when filtering, there are three types of Project Online licenses.

  1. Project Lite – For team members, to update tasks and complete timesheets.
  2. Project Online – For Project Managers and Executives who are fine just using the web interface.
  3. Project Pro for Office 365 – For Project and Program Managers who also want to use Project Professional.

For more information about Project Online licensing, see Project License Comparison.

In the below steps, we will create a view to only show Project Online users. In our example, we will create an additional filter for Project Online Users in Australia.

Step 1. Log in to Office 365 and click Admin on the Office 365 Tile Ribbon.


Step 2.  Select Active Users


Step 3.  In the Select a view dropdown, click New view.


Step 4.  A new view form will open. Give it a name and apply filters. In example, I want to see only Project Online Users within Australia.


Step 5.  Click Save. Now you will have a view called Project Online Users in Australia.

CreateProjectOnlineUserView- Part2

We hope this helps with your Office 365 Project Online Users review.

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