Creating Resources in Project Server 2013 (SharePoint Permissions Mode)

Posted By Posted by: Peter Williams on August 19, 2013

For customers using Project Server 2013 in SharePoint Permissions Mode, the user registration process does not automatically create a resource for each new user.

This blog details the steps necessary to create resources after a user has successfully logged into your EPMonDEMAND PWA site for the first time.

  1. Log into the EPMonDEMAND Support Site and navigate to Accounts list. For instructions on how to access this page, please visit our blog titled User Account Management for EPMonDemand.
  2. Copy the UserIdentity field for the desired user as per screenshot below.
  3. Log into your PWA site with suitable permissions to create resources, such as an Administrator.
  4. Navigate to the Resource Center.
  5. Click on the Resource tab to show the Resources toolbar.
  6. Click on the New button. The New Resource form is displayed.
  7. Tick the Associate resource with a user account checkbox. The User logon account textbox will become visible.
  8. Paste the UserIdentity from step 2 into the User logon account textbox and click on Save.


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