Earned Value Demystified

Posted By Posted by: Laith Adel on May 16, 2013

What is Earned Value Analysis?

žEV is KPIs that measure the Cost and Schedule performance of a project., žIt’s like (green, orange and red) but better.

Here is the main blocks of the EV calculations:

So What?

Earned value indicators that are variances or ratios can help you determine if there is enough money left in the budget and if the project will finish on time.

We Want +/0 Variance and >=1 Indicators

Earned Value Little Story


EV = $50


CV = $50 – $100 = -$50

CPI = $50 / $100 = 0.5


SV = $50 – $70 = -$25

SPI = $50 / $75 = 0.67

To View Earned Value in Microsoft Project

žClick on View tab
žThen in the ‘Data’ section click on Tables
žChoose ‘More Tables’
žChoose one of the Earned Value Tables:
žEarned Value
žEarned Value Cost Indicator
žEarned Value Schedule Indictor
žThen hit ‘Apply’

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