EPM Partners at Microsoft Ignite 2017 Orlando

Posted By Posted by: Khurram Jamshed on September 29, 2017

Microsoft Ignite is happening this week, and I’m lucky enough to be at the conference this year. 

The large I.T. conference is held in Orlando, Florida with more than 25,000 business customers attending the tech event.

Microsoft had set up a booth at Orlando international airport for name badge pickup, and I have collected mine on the day I arrive in Orlando. 

I arrived early on day 1 out of excitement, and to make sure that I get the best spot near the stage. ? Here I am with my colleague ready to absorb it all.

It was an electrifying atmosphere inside that huge hall, the DJ was playing music before the keynote starts.

The session begins with an interesting keynote presented by Satya Nadella, C.E.O. of Microsoft.

Mixed Reality and Artificial intelligence were the keywords by Satya this year. And he shared his vision of handling computational challenges through Quantum Computing. The prototype of the quantum computer was also the highlight of the keynote:

Watch the complete keynote session here: Keynote Session

The most interesting session of the day for me was the Power BI report server by Christopher Finlan.

The key takeaway of the session are:

  • Preview of Power BI server is available to test/try
  • Power BI Report Server is part of Power BI Premium.
    • Power BI Premium provides dedicated capacity in the cloud and enhanced performance—without requiring per-user licenses for those consuming reports. And, it includes Power BI Report Server for on-premises reporting
  • New version will include URL parameter filtering
  • Support of Rest API
  • WebPart to render Power BI report in SharePoint
  • And NO plans of replacing/shelving SSRS in future

Such a great experience to be amongst these tech leading movement surrounded with new and exciting technologies. One that caught my attention was a prototype car model for forces (defence, police, etc) equipped with extremely high tech cameras/sensors on the vehicle. It’s used to collect data from the car’s surrounding, upload it to MS Cloud, and then leveraging MS AI to push input and inform the driver of any threats around. Impressive!

Ok, so we love being here so far from the beginning of the conference and have taken valuable and inspiring knowledge back with us from tech leaders and experts. But wait! To put the cherry on top of this already-so-inspiring conference, I get to take home a limited edition Xbox One S from Ignite!

I must conclude, it would be very difficult to top off my Ignite experience this year. However, I shall leave this task in the very capable hands of Microsoft.

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