Getting the Most of SharePoint’s Datasheet View

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on February 19, 2013

SharePoint lists offer users access to some great features by tracking list items such as Risks and Issues as individual items. Features such as version control, workflow approvals and read write access to multiple list items  – at the same time by different users – are only possible due to each item being a separate list item.

However I often get the feedback from Project Managers that it is faster to make changes in excel as you don’t need to open each item individually and when making a bulk change can do so very quickly by using the fill down. Enter SharePoints’ Datasheet view!!

The Datasheet view gives Project Managers the ability to update list items with the same speed and fill down functions as Excel without opening each item individually.  The below steps describe how to apply the Datasheet view, however in some cases the DataSheet view will return an error such as the cells are read only or the entire view is unavailable. If this is the case for you please review my related Blog: The Datasheet View Cannot be Displayed


 Click Steps




  1. Click Datasheet View from the list Ribbon
  2. Update   data by:
    1. Manual data entry
    2. Copy and Paste
    3. Using the Fill down

                                                                        Sharepoint Datasheet
  1. Click the Standard View to return to the normal view and enable the full set of ribbon options.
       Sharepoint Datasheet


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