How to close a Project (not task) to timesheets

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on July 2, 2019

In the PPM community it is fairly well understood that we can use the “Lock Tasks to Timesheets” function to stop a timesheet user being able to log time against those tasks in a timesheet.

However, I recently had the request where the client was not logging effort against tasks but rather projects and wanted to stop users logging effort against projects once the project was complete.

It turns out the “Lock Tasks to Timesheets” function can be used to this end as well as outlined below:

  1. Edit the Project Schedule via the Schedule PDP in the browser
  2. Apply a view that displays the “Lock” field
  3. Apply the project summary task
  4. Set the lock on the summary task and copy it down to all other tasks
  1. Publish the changes

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