How-To copy Excel values to a custom lookup table

Posted By Posted by: Khurram Jamshed on September 14, 2017

Creating project custom fields and lookup tables is a common activity in a life of PPM consultant.

While doing this fun activity, there is often a challenge when we try to copy/paste values from Excel to a custom lookup table. This process often tries to paste all the copied values in a single cell along with the formatting. Now, if you are using Chrome, you can use ctrl+shift+v to copy the text only. However, you will still end with all the values appearing in one cell.

This process will look more or less like the below:

Figure 1 Custom Lookup Table


 Figure 2 Excel Data Source


If it’s only a few rows, you might give up on your copy/paste adventure and just create it manually. But what if it’s more than a few rows for each lookup table?

This is where Project Professional can help with a very neat option.

  1. Connect project with target Project Online/on-premises instance.
  2. Create a local Custom Field in Project Professional, with a Lookup table.

  3. Copy/paste the Excel values to the Lookup Table dialog box.
  4. You will find that it’s a lot easier to do this option, plus it will highlight if there is any error with the values. Such as repeating rows that lookup tables don’t allow, etc.
  5. Close the dialog box and press the magic button Add Field to Enterprise.
  6. You will get the option to edit the Field Name and the associated Lookup table.
  7. Project will confirm that the operation was executed successfully.
  8. Close the dialog box, don’t forget to say thanks to Project, and go to your project custom fields and lookup page. Refresh a page and you will find your Custom Field and Lookup Table with all the values tightly intact.

Hope this works for you!

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