How to Create a Colour Coded Calendar in Microsoft Project

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on September 30, 2014

I recently had a client request a calendar that auto colour coded appointments based on a category. I was really happy with the outcome and that it’s a useful tool that they are now using. The below image is from the PoC sample site.

Clolour Coded SharePoint Calendar




To top it off I also wrote a neat little workflow that sends an email to attendees with the date and time details on creation and modification of an event so they can add it to their calendars.

Now you are asking How Can I Create a Colour Coded Calendar in Microsoft Project? Here are the instructions on how to colour code the calendar :


There are two usability caveats with the tool, these are:

  • The colours are only present when you have all the categories displayed. If you change the view to only show one category of appointments the colour for that category changes back to the default colour of blue (regardless of what colour it was).
  • If you use the coloured calendar quick launch links you need to click back on the primary quick launch link to return to the full calendar view.


Apart from that it’s a reasonable solution. I was happy to add value for the Project Site Calendar feature and I hope you do too.


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