How To Create A “My Projects” Project Centre View With Project Online & Project Server

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on February 8, 2016

This blog covers the very specific scenario of complimenting the permissions described in my previous blog  with views that auto filter out projects not assigned to the current user.

Again the secret lies in understanding categories. In summary “Categories are the collections of projects, resources, and views to which users and groups in Project Server are granted access” for more details check out the TechNet article here.

However in this case we will use a frequently overlooked aspect of categories – namely their association with views.
There are essentially two steps to achieving this outcome.

Step 1 – Configure the Category
Either create a new category or use an OOTB one such as “My Projects” to include only the projects you want the user to see in the “My Projects” view. Settings similar to those highlighted below are typical:

Configure the category in project server
Step 2 – Create the “My Projects” View
From server settings select an existing project centre view.
Copy the view and rename it “My Projects”.
Then edit the view and remove the association with any categories other than the “My Projects” category as below:

My Projects View Project Server

Then browse to the Project Centre and test the new view!

Note: This view will only be available to users who are members of groups that are associated with the “My Projects” category.
Hope that helps.

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