How to Edit or Access Your Schedule in Project Server

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on April 17, 2014


Environment: Project Server 2010/2013

Solution: Choose one of the below options:


Option 1 – Using Project Web App
Log on with user PM/Admin credentials to Project Web App > Projects > Click on the Project Name > Click on the Schedule PDP > Click on Task Tab > Click on Edit > In Microsoft Project

Note: If you are not able to see the schedule EPT for a project, then you will need to contact your admin to configure it for that Project Type.


Option 2 – MS Project Connected to Project Server

Directly via MS Project. Open the MS Project via connecting to the Project Web App. (Assuming PM has configured the Project Web App URL in MS Project in local machine).

FYI, Steps as below:

  1. Launch the MS Project 2010/2013 then click the file tab to open the backstage view > Click Info > Manage Accounts.
  2. In the Project Server Accounts dialog box, click add.
  3. In the Account Properties dialog box, type a name for account in the Account Name box.
  4. In the Project Server URL box, type the complete UAT server name (for example,https://ProjectServer/PWA).
  5. To make this your default Project Server account, select the set as default account check box.
  6. To log on to the enterprise schedule via MS Project, close and restart MS Project.

Note: User should have edit rights to be able to make the changes in the schedule.

We hope this helps you.


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