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How To Fix Missing Menu Items in the Manage Project Web Apps Page

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on July 30, 2015

Are you missing the “Edit”, “Delete” and “View” options for your site in the Manage Project Web Apps page?

If you are only seeing “Retry” and “Manage” as the menu options for a PWA site in the Manage Project Web Apps page then this post will hopefully help you to Fix Missing Menu Items.


Only “Retry” and “Manage” display as the menu options for a PWA site (As shown below)

How to Manage Project Web Apps


The browser settings are too restrictive.  I had this happen even when the site was in the “Trusted Sites Zone”.


Either change the zone settings to be less restrictive for the zone the site is registered in or put the site in another zone.

To change zone in Internet Explorer select:

  1. Tools > Internet Options > Security
  2. Then select the zone you want to go in (either Trusted Sites Zone or Intranet Zone)
  3. Click Sites and add the address for the Central Administration site to the zone
  4. Click OK
  5. Important: you need to close Internet Explorer before the menu will change.

Below is the menu after the zone change:

Manage Project Web Apps


We hope you find this a useful solution missing meu items on your Project Web Apps Page.

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