How To Resize Large Look-up Tables in PDPs

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If you’ve worked with large look-up tables in Project Server before, you know how unwieldy they can get very quickly. In  the 2013 version, the page control you use now includes a nice search feature to help. However the default four lines displayed really doesn’t show much. Take a look at this example, you can see the scroll bar on the right is already very cramped:

Cramped PDP


Modifying the List Size with JavaScript

To give some more flexibility with the size, I have written the following JavaScript (jQuery actually) to increase the size of a list of specific look-up tables when opened on the PDP:

01 <script src=”//”>
02 </script>


03 <script>
04 function resizeLKTables() {


05     setTimeout(function () {
06         var incHeight = 150;


07         var ltId = [‘Blueprint Deliverables’, ‘Definition Deliverables’];


09         for (var i = 0; i < ltId.length; i++) {
10             var ltDiv = $(“input[title='” + ltId[i] + “‘]”).parent().children(“div”);


12             ltDiv.height(175 + incHeight);


13             ltDiv.find(‘div.outer-container’).height(168 + incHeight);
14             ltDiv.find(‘div.outer-container’).find(‘div.results-padder’).height(88 + incHeight);


15             ltDiv.find(‘div.outer-container’).find(‘div.general-results’).height(86 + incHeight);
16         }


17     },50);
18 }


20 $(‘button’).on(“click”, resizeLKTables);


21 </script>


The Result

The Result

Much better.

Script Usage

To use this script copy the script source above and save into notepad as something like “resizetables.js“, now on lines 6 and 7 you need to update the two variables used:

  • incHeight is the number of pixels to add to all of the specified lookup tables.
  • ltId is a comma separated list of Custom Field names to increase the size of.

Once updated, upload the script somewhere in PWA (Site Assets maybe) then edit your PDPs and add a content editor webpart to the bottom of the page which links to your uploaded resizetables.js file.



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