How to resolve a Project Server queue job stuck in “Processing”

Posted By Posted by: Peter Williams on August 9, 2016

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The tip in this blog relates to when there is a job in the queue (PWA Settings >> Manage Queue Jobs) and it stays in the “processing” state indefinitely.

Normally, the resolution would be to:

  1. Cancel the job by selecting the job in the queue (PWA Settings >> Manage Queue Jobs) and clicking the Cancel Job button located above the queue grid
  2. Restart the Microsoft Project Server Queue Service on the server

If those steps do not work, then the following steps are necessary (and very rarely needed):

  1. Add the Correlation ID field to the Project Server queue grid. E.g. below


  2. Take note of the Correlation ID value for the queue item that is stuck
  3. Open a new query window against the Project Server database via SSMS


  4. Execute the following SQL code (but update the @CorrelationID variable as appropriate:
    DECLARE @CorrelationID as UniqueIdentifier = ‘1ab98e2e-3bcf-e311-942b-00155d10040a’
    DELETE A FROM draft.msp_queue_project_message AS a inner join draft.msp_queue_project_group AS b on a.GRP_UID = b.grp_uid WHERE b.CORRELATION_UID = @CorrelationID
    DELETE from draft.msp_queue_project_group where correlation_UID = @CorrelationID

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