How to Use Security Categories to Grant Edit Access To…

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on January 22, 2016

Projects that the user owns and read access to other projects – using Project Server & Project Online.

This blog is written to address the following scenario:

  1. Users should be able to edit “my projects”
  2. Users should have read access to other projects

The secret is to get your head around how categories work – I am not going to cover this in detail in this blog. In summary Categories are the collections of projects, resources, and views to which users and groups in Project Server are granted access” for more details check out the TechNet article here.

So typically to grant read/write access to “My Projects” we set the user group permissions to the “My Projects” security category as below:

Edit Access in project server

Note: By default “My Projects” include projects that are assigned to the user as the owner (PM) and projects where the user is a member of the project team. To review/modify this setting select manage categories from Server Settings.

(Side Note: In the above screen shot “Delete Project” has been disabled at the PWA settings level so even though the permission is allowed  – the PWA disable overrides the allow, meaning that the user will not be able to delete a project.)

To grant read access to other projects we set the user group permissions to the “My Organisation” security category as below:

edit access


Users who are members of the group with the above permissions to the “My Organisation” and “My Projects” categories will now be able to edit “their” projects and view all other projects.

Hope that helps.
An optional extension of this approach is to change the default view to only display “My Projects” while other views display all projects. This will be covered in my subsequent blog.


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