Issue: No Prompt for Document Check In Option in the Project Documents List

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on March 27, 2013

Issue: Users don’t get prompted to Check In a document after closing the document and saving changes to a sharepoint document library.

Reason: By Default, Checked OUT option is disabled in the Project Document Library settings:)

Objective: To enable the Checked Out option in the Project Document list so the user will be prompted to check-in the document when it is saved back to the server.

Solution Steps:

  1. Open the Project Site Template Site Action -> Site Settings -> Sites & Workspaces under Site Administration -> Click on the Project Site Template under Sites
  2. Now, you need to Click on the Project Document list under Libraries on the Quick Launch menu
  3. Click on Library Settings in the group Settings under Library ribbon option
  4. On the Library settings page, click on Versioning Settings under General Settings section
  5. On the Versioning setting page, you need to select the ‘Yes’ radio button in section Require Check out option
  6. Save it as a latest project site template and configure to the Enterprise Project Type (EPT).

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