What Are Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management Offerings?

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on December 22, 2017

Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management Software

Working with a wide variety of businesses, we deliver comprehensive consulting services assistance through the use of Microsoft Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Microsoft PPM is an enterprise software that is configurable for PMOs to provide maximum value for users.

Delivering a comprehensive mix of award-winning consultation services and our own tried and tested configuration of Microsoft PPM, we can ensure an expertly implemented and uniquely tailored solution for each business’ requirements. Regardless of the package you choose, our steps always cover the same five areas.


The first step in any Microsoft PPM implementation is to conduct thorough research of the business we’re working with and its industry. However, external research can only take our campaigns so far, so it’s important to conduct thorough internal research as well. Requirement gathering is vital, as is workshop demonstrations of the Microsoft Project Portfolio Management software. Showing what the software can do is vital towards a smooth and successful implementation.


Once we have a solid foundation of understanding, we then work to set up Microsoft PPM smoothly and efficiently. While the set-up process might not take long, it is critical to have it implemented correctly, including all relevant configurations and customisations. While we work with our unique variation of the software, we can uniquely augment the program to serve our clients better. An element of this is setting up reporting metrics and methods as well, to address the client’s needs adequately.

Pre-Launch Support

Upon set-up completion, it is important to run through operation of the solution, with documentation, user acceptance testing and users training as well. Our consultants provide all relevant details to ensure that your staff are fully capable of using the platform before we launch. We work diligently to ensure that user understanding doesn’t delay our go-live date.

Post-Launch Support

Of course, once we launch Microsoft PPM, we provide comprehensive support to ensure that we quickly resolve any initial hiccups. While some firms might simply hand-off responsibility for the smooth operation of the platform, we want to ensure that you are fully comfortable with everything before we leave.

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