Missing workload data in the Resource Centre? Portfolio Optimisation Resource Analysis not working? The solution might be easier than you think!

Posted By Posted by: Tania Barra-Shaw Harmelink on January 8, 2020

If you are having issues reporting on your project resources availability, either through the Resource Centre or Portfolio Optimisation, don’t panic. 

The first instinct will be to wonder what Project Online has done to your data; and the answer is nothing.  All Resource utilisation data is available, the trick is to simply make it visible for reporting purposes, as by default it is disabled. This change in Project Online settings, on how time-phased OData endpoints is accessed, was first communicated in late 2018.

To understand the benefits of the change, as well as what considerations need to be taken into account when configuring this setting, please refer to the full Microsoft article here.

Otherwise, go through the steps below to configure your solution to include Resource Utilisation data:

  1. From the Project Online home page, select Server Settings OR access PWA settings from the Settings drop down menu.
  1. On the Server Settings page, in the Enterprise Data section, select Reporting.
  1. On the Reporting page, in the Timephased Data section, select the option that you need:
    • Never
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • By fiscal period
  1. The previously mentioned article provides a detailed explanation of the different settings. My recommendation is to start with weekly. If you find that’s not enough, then increase the frequency to daily. But if you find that you can get by with monthly analysis, change it back to Monthly.

Remember – you must publish all projects after changing this setting for the data to be updated!!

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