Nicely formatted Workflow Task Descriptions

Posted By Posted by: Irfan Rizvi on December 8, 2016

Two things are certain in life, Death and Customer’s disgust for bad UI

This blog will show you how to do a nicely formatted Workflow Task Descriptions. When you’re defining SharePoint Designer Workflows and use Assign Task actions, you have to provide the Task Title, Description, Email etc. While email can be formatted in the way you want, and it comes out really nicely, the description still appears all jumbled up when viewed in the browser even though you’ve add spacing and line breaks.

Workflow Task Descriptions

Imagine the customer’s face when he looks at the above description.

In SPD the task description box is a plain multi line text box and does not give you the ability to apply any formatting to this description. A workaround to this problem is to use HTML tags to format the description. The browser, while rendering the description, will take these tags as HTML markup and you will get your nicely formatted workflow task descriptions.

Task Description text box

Nicely formatted workflow task descriptions

This small modification can do wonders for customer’s overall experience of the system, and a happy customer is what we all want isn’t it.

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