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Posted By Posted by: Cheston Hsu on November 20, 2019


I have a custom field named “Schedule Status” and for some reason despite a value appearing on a PDP (Project Details Page) there is no value appearing in my OData feed. Below is the PDP that shows the current RAG Statuses of my project:

And below is the feed I get from OData:

Notice how my RAG status in Project Online shows “<10d” while the Schedule Status in my OData feed is blank.


The first step of my troubleshooting was looking at the formula. Below is the formula I am using for my custom field:

There are no errors in the formula; if there were any errors, Project Online would display this error:

However, since this error was not displayed, it seems that it accepts my formula.

The second step of my troubleshooting was to access the OData feed via my browser rather than Excel.

Unfortunately, it yielded the same results as the feed from Excel. The OData feed was able to retrieve my project name “IT”, but nothing came through for Schedule Status.

My final troubleshooting was to go to a Project Server 2016 site that had the same custom field formula. However, to my surprise the results were different:

From my results, I gathered that doing an OData query from a Project Online instance compared to an On-Premise instance yielded different results. At this point I remembered an article I read that explains how HTML tags are removed from OData feeds for Project Online; this update has not been applied to Project Server On-Premise.

Because the results of my IF statement in my custom column, were producing results such as “<10d”, the OData feed was perceiving those results as HTML tags. This led to my OData feed providing blanks rather than actual data. To rectify this, I replaced those variables in my IF statement to say, “Less than 10d”.

For more information on what an OData feed is and how to retrieve one via Excel, please refer to the below site:

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