Patching Management for Project Server 2013

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on December 17, 2015

This week the December 2015 Cumulative Update has been released.  Refer to the following links for details of this update:

Proactively managing updates for your Project Server system is an important maintenance activity that will help ensure your system remains in a stable and supportable state.

One easy way to track the Cumulative Updates for Project Server 2013 is to go to the following page that summarises all the CU’s for Project Server 2013.

For Project Server 2013 there have been significant fixes rolled out in the Cumulative Update patching.  If you are behind on your patching, the link above is a good starting point to note the items addressed in the updates you are yet to apply.

One other important point to note for Project Server 2013 environments is that there is also patching for the server components that Project Server depends on.  These have each had their own Cumulative Update patching to address issues.  In particular:

  • Service bus  ( Required for workflow and other services)

  • App Fabric  ( Underpins the Distributed Cache).  Currently at CU 6.

  • Workflow manager.  Currently at CU 2.

If you are not doing so already, we recommend that you create a table to record and track the patching applied to your farm/s.

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