Picture Library Slideshow Web Part Doesn’t Work When a Project Site is Saved as a Template

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on August 1, 2013

Environment: Project Server 2010

Issue Description:
Recently, one of our clients requested to configure the “Picture Library Web Part” on the Project site home page. Interestingly, it was working fine until the site was saved as a template. When the new project site was created with the saved template, Picture Library Slideshow Web Part lost the connection with the Picture Library.

Cause: Due to limitation in the method SPLimitedWebPartManager.ImportWebPart, configuration values of the web part are lost when the site is saved as a template. For further details, you can refer to the discussion thread on this Link.

Solution: As per the Microsoft link, you could create a custom slideshow web part or import the web part to Visual Studio and overwrite the SPLimitedWebPartManager.ImportWebPart method.

Alternatively, you can instruct site owners (PMs) on how to place the Picture Library Slideshow web part in edit mode. No actual changes need to be made just putting it in edit mode is enough to reconnect to the picture library and the web part will function as expected.

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