PMO Sydney Meet Up: The Influential Project Manager

Posted By Posted by: Lysa Le on September 4, 2017

The August PMO Sydney Meet Up free seminar on Thursday 24th Aug had attracted eager minds with questions and comments that made the session quite an interactive one.

The session was brought together by Sandra Arps (PMO Guru) with topics by Mark Robinson (Escient) on State of the PMO in Australia 2017, a survey that was executed in June 2017.

Matt Robinson

The second speaker was Yvette Martin (The Playful Professional) who had been working as a principal at Gallup for over 5 years coaching and consulting for ASX to 500 companies on Strengths-Based Leadership, Employee Engagement, Wellbeing and Behavioural Economics.

Her topic was The Influential Project Manager and it speaks of the ways we can contribute to our leadership and shine as an influential one. Utilising our individuality and unique character to draw true strength in being an influential leader. Exercise our perspective to have insight on other’s point of view and consider them when we assess a situation and make decisions. And finally, managing our character’s mood to manoeuvre ourselves through obstacles in being a leader and our interaction with others.

Yvette Martin

Many found the topic to be very relatable with a quiz from Matt on the top 5 current challenges that most Australian PMOs are facing. Few chocolate treats were thrown to the audiences with the right answers. Yvette on her session, asks from the audience which of us has certain unique habits such as colour coordinating wardrobe, picking up a conversation with strangers, having a sceptical mind which she later translates to a character’s natural strengths (organisational skills, engaging personality, decision-making skills, competitiveness, etc). She highlights that these strengths can be a strong attribute for us as an influencer if we allow it.

Find the slides from both presentation via PMO Guru: here

We hope the seminar has added some perspective and knowledge to all of us. If you are interested in hearing about the next FREE seminar, go to PMO Sydney Meet-up and join the community. Keep an eye on our website and follow our LinkedIn page for news about the next event.

Here are a few photos from the event itself:

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