Project Server Security Scenarios – Part 3

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Part 2 of this blog can be read here.

Scenario 5:

PM to only add Generic Resources to their Project Team whereas Resource Managers should be adding specific resources.

Bob the PM Should not directly be assigning actual people to its Project. Instead, he should be assigning Generic Resources. A Resource Manager can later add specific resources. Once specific resources are added, the PM should be able to assign tasks to those specific resources as well.


  1. PMs by default have permission to assign any resource. To remove this permission:
    Go to Server Settings -> Manage Groups,
    Click Project Managers,
    In selected Categories, click “My Organization”,
    Under Resource Permissions, uncheck “Assign Resource” and Save.
  2. Create a new Category named Generic Resources, in the resources section select “only the resources indicated” and put all generic resources to “Available resources” Area.
  3. If a new Generic resource gets created in future, you would need to manually add that Resource to this category.
  4. Unfortunately, there is no out of the box way to create a dynamic rule, which will automatically select all Generic Resources. If you frequently create generic resources, maintaining this category could be difficult. Your best bet would be to contact a Microsoft EPM Partner company to develop custom solution for you.
  5. in the same resources section, select the item “They are members of a Project Team on a project owned by the User”Pic7
  6. This checkbox would mean that PM will be able to assign tasks to non-generic resources, once they have been added by Resource Manager.
  7. Check the following views in “Views – Add to Category” and click Save

    a. Project -> Tasks Summaryb. Resource Center -> All Resources

    c. Team Builder -> All Resources


  8. Go to Server Settings -> Manage Groups -> Project Managers. Add your newly created category “Generic Resources” to Selected Categories section.
  9. While “Generic Resources” is in the selected categories section and it is clicked. You should see a Permissions section which is specific for this category. Give the following permission as per screenshot:Pic9
  10. Clicking save will allow a PM to assign only generic resources in their Projects.
  11. To give resource managers the permission to assign any resource in the organization:
    Go to Manage Groups,
    Click Resource Managers,
    In selected Categories, click “My Organization”,
    Give the following permissions and click save.
  12. The Resource Manager should be part of the project team to access the project. Alternatively, they can be given permissions to access any project in “My organization” category.

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