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Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on July 23, 2015

The workspace list viewer webpart is a component of the Project Server 2010 SDK.  It was very popular.  It helped blur the barrier between the project site and the project web application (PWA).  Today, this barrier is something many end users still have a hard time understanding.  I often have requests to make a particular document library or list display in a project detail page (PDP).

For those not familiar with this web part, It was a web part that a Project Server admin would add to a PDP then provide a list or library name and a view name.  These parameters then would feed into server side code that queried the Project Server Interface to get the project site reference then returned the named list view to display within the hosting PDP.  Quite a simple solution for the admin and met users expectations.

This web part is not available for Project Server 2013 nor Project Online.  It is server side code that can have a negative impact on server performance.  The replacement must be a client side solution.

I have a client side solution I am happy to share.  In my version of the Project Workspace List Viewer, javascript is used to query the project server interface to get the project site reference then returns the list and view in a borderless, ribbon-less iframe.

I have seen other solutions that try to guess the project site based on the project name, which works OK, but if the project name or site name changes the link solution breaks.  So to me, this isn’t good enough.  I want something that will always work.

Feel free to implement.  I have tested in Project Server 2010, 2013, and Project Online.  I also put together a SharePoint 2013 sandbox solution, to further replicate the admin experience adding the web part to a PDP.  Note, if you are going to deploy in 2010, there is no web part, you will need to upload the script in a directory and reference in a Content Editor, see source code for example.  If you are using Project Online or SharePoint 2013 just download the compiled solution to start using the webpart.

The link to the source code can be found at Github,

A link to the compiled sandbox solution,

I hope you find this replacement useful.

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