Removing Corrupted Web Parts from a Project Site/Project Server Web Part Page

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on February 27, 2013

Issue: Project Site home page displays Closed/Corrupted WebPart on the page after saving as a Project Site Template.

Cause: Web part corruption or closed web parts which have not been deleted on the page.

Solution: To fix, you need to follow these steps:

1. Click on Site Actions then Site Settings.


2. Click on Site and Workspaces under Site Administration section on the Site Setting page.


3. On Site and Workspaces page, click on your Site Template under section Sites.

4. On Project site landing page, in the address bar append ?contents=1 in the URL right after .aspx


5. Press <Enter>

6. Project site template displays the Web Part Page Maintenance page.

7. Select the web part of which you cannot see when you open the Project Site home page and then click the appropriate function on the toolbar like delete.


8. Now, you can save the project site as a template, this will remove the unwanted web part on the project site landing page.

We hope this helps!

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