Repairing a Corrupt Project

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on November 28, 2012

Problem: A project has been corrupted

Solution 1 – Ensure your using the latest version of MS Project 2010

  1. Ensure you are using the latest version of MS Project 2010 (at least 14.0.6112.5000) – MS Project 2010 > File > Help
  2. Republish the project using MS Project 2010

Solution 2 – Use the Save for Sharing Feature

  1. Repair the corrupt project using the “Save for Sharing” feature in MS Project 2010
  2. Follow the steps outlined by Dale Howard here

Solution 3 – XML Round Trip (if not using Timesheets)

  1. Open the project in MS Project 2010
  2. File, Save As, Save As File
  3. When prompted select to save with “All Enterprise Custom Fields”
  4. In the file dialog select the Save as type: XML
  5. Save the file to local computer
  6. Close and check in the project
  7. Open saved XML file, when prompted choose to import “As a new project”
  8. Once opened, select Save As and save the project to project server using the exact same name
  9. When prompted say yes to overwrite the exiting project
  10. Publish, Check in and close the project

Note: This will overwrite any previously saved data for that project.

  • In-progress timesheets will be affected, all tasks and assignments are recreated, so exisitng OPEN timesheet periods will be updated. This may result in un-submitted timesheets losing actual work or worse in progress timesheet failing to submit
  • Reports or custom add-ins relying on GUIDS will likely to have issues

Solution 4 – Delete Published Database and Republish from Draft

  1. In Server Settings > Delete Enterprise Objects
  2. Select Projects, Delete projects only from Published databaseuncheck Delete associated Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sites
  3. Select respective corrupted project and click Delete
  4. Once the project has been deleted from the published database, open MS Project and republish the project
  5. Check-in and close project

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