Restart User Registration

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on May 18, 2013

Note: This article is applicable only to Project Server 2013 EPMonDemand customers.

Restarting User Registration Process

In the event that user registration for a particular user must be restarted, it is possible to restart the registration process by reissuing a user token, this will have the following effect;

  • A new Token will be created if none exists.
  • An email will be sent to the user and customer contact as configured.


  1. After successfully logging in, click on the User Accounts tile.
    Restart User Registration
    Restart User Registration
  2. Select the user in question from the list.
    Restart User Registration
  3. Now from the Items ribbon menu, select Resend Token.
  4. The notification will be displayed if the workflow starts.

Restart User Registration


Note: If the customer is not configured to receive notifications for new users, then the above process will start the registration workflow (and complete successfully) but still will not send the email, see Customer Information Management for details on configuring account email notifications.

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