Retrieving the Status Manager via OData with Project Online

Posted By Posted by: Ahmed Taee on March 27, 2019


To return the status manager information using OData Task tables.


The Status Manager field in Microsoft Project contains the name of the enterprise user who is to receive status updates for the current task from resources submitting timesheets/status updates. By default, the status manager is the user who created the task. The status manager can be changed on a task by task basis to any other status manager who has edited the enterprise project.

Knowing the Status Manager is important when wishing to report on which Status Updates have been approved and which are pending. Status updates are applied to the project only after the status manager approves them, meaning the project omits actual work that has been submitted but not approved by the status manager.

The Status managers name was previously not available via OData or SQL! However recent updates to Project Online/Project Server 2019 mean it is now available via the Tasks table and OData. See the below script for the join command in SQL and the same concept can be applied to XL based reports using OData feeds.

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