Scheduling Weekend Work using Project Online & Project Server

Scheduling Weekend Work Using Project Online & Project Server

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on September 11, 2015


A frequently asked question by many clients is:

“How do I accommodate occasional weekend work when using Project Server?

Typically this question is asked when weekend work is scheduled as an exception rather than the rule. When weekend work is the rule – then it’s just a matter of updating the base calendar that applies to the resource, see this blog for information on how to do this.

If weekend work is the exception – then combining a “Task Calendar” with the “Ignore Resource Calendar” option generally achieves the desired outcome.


Scheduling Weekend Work using Project Online & Project Server


The above screen shot shows the task indicator that tells us this combination of configurations is in place.

The below screen shot provides more detail:

Scheduling Weekend Work using Project Online & Project Server


From the above screen shot you will note:

  1. The highlighted task starts on a Friday and finishes on a Sunday due to a “7 working day week” calendar being applied.
    The “7 day working week” calendar has been configured by the Project Server administrator to allow work to spill into the weekend if needed.
    For example if the above task was scheduled to start on a Monday then it would finish on a Wednesday as the “7 working day week” does not force work to occur on a weekend. If a PM wants to force a task to occur on a weekend when it would not otherwise do so the PM would apply the above settings in combination with a constraint or similar.

  3. The above Gantt chart view has had the “Task Calendar” and “Ignore Resource Calendar” columns added.
    These fields are also available by double clicking a task and applying the advanced tab as below:
    Scheduling Weekend Work using Project Online & Project Server
    So in conclusion using a task specific calendar (that allows weekend work) and setting it to override the resource calendar (that doesn’t allow weekend work) provides a great option for scheduling exceptional weekend activities. I hope you find this approach useful.

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