SharePoint List Workflow Failing when creating Project from List Item

Posted By Posted by: Irfan Rizvi on October 19, 2016

Commonly, you will come across requirements in PPM solutions where organizations will maintain an Idea or Pre Project Lists. And after some approval or filtering process these Ideas will be converted to Projects in Project Server. We normally handle these requirements using SharePoint list workflow.

On Project Server there is a special action in SPD list workflow called Create Project from Current Item. In this action, you specify which EPT will be used to create the Project.

For any EPT’s with a Project Plan Template associated, the workflow failed to action this with Access Denied error on a normal user. During the troubleshooting process, we removed the Project Plan Template and the workflow worked perfectly well.

The issue arise because not all users has permission on the Project Plan template by default. To give them the permission, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to PWA Settings → Manage Categories
  2. Click on My Projects
  3. Select Only include the selected projects: and start adding the Project Plan Template Project from the Available Project list to the Selected Projects list
    2That’s it, the workflow is now working as desired.

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