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I was recently asked by a Project Online customer about pros & cons of having Single or Multiple Project Online PWA instances for different departments within the same organisation. Following are my thoughts on this topic:

  1. Single instance is easy to manage from a configuration & administration perspective, especially if most of the configuration elements (custom fields, pages, reports) are similar across all departments.
  2. Reports that display data across multiple instances are a bit harder to develop.
  3. Security can be configured down to per user/per project basis in either mode. It is easier to do so in separate instances but this benefit alone doesn’t justify the operational overhead of multiple instances.
  4. If the configuration of various departments is significantly different, it makes sense to have multiple instances for cleaner management.
  5. There is no consolidated screen, where a user can be assigned to multiple instances in a given role (say, Portfolio Manager). So a user would need to be added separately to each instance by the administrator.
  6. Some organisations like to use a separate instance to use Portfolio Analysis module. In that instance they keep playing around with Projects resourcing and cost requirements (i.e. What-If Analysis), without impacting the inflight project schedules.
  7. It is a common practice to have a separate development and/or test instance.

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