Situation where stage level mandatory constraint for Project Server Fields is not enforced

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on November 30, 2012

Issue / Bug Description:


We have found that project fields display as being mandatory for a stage but the workflow does not enforce this when Submit is clicked.  This only happens with the following type of field:

  • Custom Text Field
  • That uses a lookup table
  • And that is set to display graphical indicators


You set the field as mandatory for a stage, and in the PDP page it displays as mandatory.  If you do not enter a value for the field you are still able to submit to the next stage even though it is mandatory.


Setting the field back to displaying Data instead of graphical indicators enforces the mandatory constraint.


Work Around:


  1. Remove the graphical indicators from the impacted custom field.
  2. Create a second custom field with a formula that displays the value from the impacted field.  Use graphical indicators for the second field and display that field in Project Center views etc.



This is occurring on an environment with Project Server 2010 SP1 with June 2012 CU applied.


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