SSRS 2012 Report Issue – Page refreshes and parameters changes back to default in Chrome browser

Posted By Posted by: Ahmed Taee on August 3, 2016


In Chrome browser, when you change the parameters and click “Apply” after executing an SSRS 2012 report, the parameters reverts back to default. This issue, however, does not occur in Internet Explorer browser.


  1. Log on to the client’s server as an admin user
  2. Run IIS (Internet Information Service) software
  3. Right Click on the client’s site and select “Explore”. The folder will explore with the “web.config” files


  4. Create a backup for file “global.asax”


  5. Open the file using Note++ and add the following script at the end


  6. Save and close the file
  7. Lastly, restart IIS Pool (from restart buttons on the right hand side)

We hope this helps resolve your issue with the SSRS 2012 Reporting.


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