Subscription Changes for Microsoft Project Online customers

Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on February 13, 2017

MS Project Online subscription plans have changed as of August 15, 2016. The following subscription plans are no longer available:

Table A

Instead, they will be replaced by three new plans:

Table B

A detailed list of what each product can do is available in the Project Online Service Description

Use the below table as a guide for converting from the old plan to the new plan:

Table C

NOTE: For an overview of features and pricing for the new Project Online subscription plans, see Project cloud-based solutions plans and pricing site. 
The big difference between Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium is that the latter has additional capabilities for portfolio planning, demand management, enterprise resource management, and out-of-the-box portfolio reporting.

If you are currently on the old plans, here are a few options you can choose depending on your scenario:

  • Your agreement ends on or before 31 Dec 2016; either renew on the old plan for an additional term or move to one of the new plans.
  • Your agreement ends after 31 Dec 2016; choose from the list of new plans upon renewing your agreement.
  • You want to move to one of the new plans now, you can make the switch anytime.

The table below explains the outcome and renewal options on each plan with the changeover:

What do I need to do to assign my users to a new plan?

Watch this video for Switching your users to a new plan. You can either switch plans manually or through the Switch Plans Wizard.

The Switch Plans Wizard leads you through the process of buying a plan that you can switch your current plan to, reassigns all new user’s licenses, and cancels your old plan. Note that you must be switching all of your Office 365 users to a new plan in order to use the Switch Plans Wizard.

What happens to my data when I switch plans?

You users will not lose any of their data when they switch to a new plan. While your users may see a change in the capabilities available to them by going to the new plan, their data will be untouched.

How will I know when I need to make a decision on my plan?

If you have access to the Office 365 admin portal, you’ll see posts in the Message Center (part of the Office 365 Admin Center) with information on when you need to take action. In the meantime, you can renew your subscription and add more licenses as usual.

How can I add additional licenses if I am still using a retired Project plan?

If you are a customer with an existing Enterprise Agreement that is on a retired Project plan, you are allowed to order and add more licenses if need within your current Enterprise Agreement enrollment period. You can do this even though the retired plans do not appear on the Customer Price Sheet or in the Volume Licensing Service Center. Please contact your partner (licensed service provider) for assistance on ordering retired Project Online plans. If you have any issues finding your partner, please contact your local Licensing Sales Specialist.

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