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Posted By Posted by: EPM Partners on September 12, 2013

TechEd, Microsoft’s Premiere Event for IT Professionals & Enterprise Developers on the Gold Coast  this year was quite interesting. Here are a few “nuggets of goodness” and interesting things I am taking away from the sessions and conversations  this year at TechEd;

  • App Development – looks like we are going back to simpler technologies for better device independence. This is good news for old-school web developers like me. Forget .Net framework and say hello to your old friends HTML and JavaScript. I have been amazed at how the development community has gone full circle on this – and fully embraced by Microsoft as a means to distribute a single app (codebase) independently across multiple platforms/devices with no changes.
  • Enterprise Social – Yammer is great! Christopher now heads the “Enterprise Social” marketing team at Microsoft, and has conducted a couple of interesting sessions. He has that equivalent enthusiasm and passion as we know he had with the Project family of products and community. . A lot of the fundamentals of communication etiquette in traditional email is a legacy of letter-writing days of old. Not efficient on many fronts. It operates in typical  Facebook styled format and behaviour but has some neat integration hooks with SharePoint. I hope that next year my conference update(s) will be using Yammer via the “TechEd Australia 2014” Yammer Group that you will all obviously subscribe to, and importantly they will be sent/received whilst in sessions (not in summary in an email formatted like this one). Any important questions raised by anyone on the feed could then be followed up immediately with a question in the TechEd session then and there. The Yammer data is SharePoint searchable, there are add-ons/plug-ins for Office Apps like Outlook, Word etc.
  • PowerShell – Witnessed a great presentation on the power of PowerShell. Don’t ever overlook this as a solution platform in entirety or in part. Easily maintained being a scripting technology, direct access to a lot of the SharePoint object model and PSI methods of Project Server (via Project Server commandlets module) and you can even quite easily build a GUI-based front-end for most scripts using a tool like PowerShell Studio ( – around $350.00). Includes forms designer, preparation of executables, debugger and even intelli-sense (like) code completion and colouring.
  • IT Jargon – I hate the term being thrown around “Movement at the Speed of Cloud”.
  • BI / Excel – PowerPivot is already a known gem, but Power View and Power Map (Geo Flow for Excel 2013 Preview) are awesome! Too much to tell in a small paragraph here – but I do encourage you all to investigate these technologies. Power Map is especially sexy – imagine a video-styled country fly-over displaying time-phased statistical data dynamically changing.

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