Understanding the Requirements Details view when Analysing Resources through Portfolio Analysis in Project Server 2010

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on March 16, 2011

After performing the Portfolio Analysis against Cost, the final analysis (if configured to do so when defining the Analysis) is to optimise the Portfolio against the available resources.

The purpose of this blog is to help users understand the Resource Availability and Project Requirements screen  components presented.

The Resource Availability is the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) of available resources. The information displayed here is essentially the same as what would be displayed through the resource centre but rather than displaying available hours it is converted to FTE’s. That being the case it includes all resource allocations on all published projects. Both the Resource Centre and the Portfolio Analysis can be configured to include or exclude proposed booking types. Generic resources are excluded from the availability as you would expect.

The highlighted box below shows that in March we have 0.41 FTE of the PM role available. In other words we have just under half of one person is available during March with the PM role assigned. In April the resource is on leave and so the availability is reduced to 0. In June the availability increases to the equivalent of 1 person or FTE

The below screen displays the resourcing requirements of the projects in the analysis. Again in FTE’s. The project requires 0.22 FTE during the month of March. As this requirement is easily meet by the available resources this does not pose a resourcing problem.



However if the scenario were repeated but this time requiring  a PM Role resource for April the below would be displayed:

With the project “DS Monday 320” now requiring a resource with the PM role in April the Portfolio Analyser removed the project from the portfolio as resources are not available to meet the PM role requirement for April.

However we know that we have availability for the required PM role in May. By using the Gantt chart view we can delay the start of the project and reanalysis the portfolio.

By changing the start date to April and recalculating (toolbar icon) the project has now been included once again in the Selected portfolio.

By applying the Requirements Detail view from the toolbar we can see the requirement for approx 0.23 of a PM Role has now been rescheduled to May when we have availability and thus the project can now be included in the portfolio.

There is much more to understanding  the full functionality of the powerful portfolio analysis features offered by Project Server 2010 however this blog should at least help with getting you started with the Analysis of Resources component.

Note in addition to the functions described above the Portfolio Analysis allows for sourcing new resources. Portfolio Analyser will even calculate which roles are required and for what timeframe but that is for another blog…

Happy Portfolio Optimisation!

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