User Account Management for EPMonDemand

Posted By Posted by: Peter Williams on May 19, 2013

Note: This article is applicable only to Project Server 2013 EPMonDemand customers.

Adding / Managing Users

  1. Log in to the Support Portal as you normally would, see Requesting Access to the Support Site if you need access.
  2. After successfully logging in, click on the User Accounts tile.
    User Account Management for EPMonDemand
  3. A list of users will be displayed for the customer(s) that your user account is permitted to manage. By default, the Active view of this list is displayed. To display both active and deactivated user accounts, click on the All Accounts view.
    User Account Management for EPMonDemand
  4. To create a new user account, click on + new item. 
  5. The Accounts form is displayed. Fill in the details as required and click on the Savebutton.
    Important Notes

    • The types of licences available to choose from and the default licence type are based on your agreement with EPMonDemand and are configured on the Customer form which is discussed here.
    • The Title field is not editable and concatenates the Given Name and Surname fields.
    • This should be the user’s business email address.
    • Ensure at least one licence type is selected.
    • Within the Rights section, please ensure at Team Members is selected in addition to any other permissions such as Project Managers or a SharePoint permission level.
    • Choosing a SharePoint permission level, such as Full Control, Contributors or Viewers, is not to be used for Project Server access and will not grant access to PWA.
    • In the case where you manage more than one customer, pay careful attention to the Customer field.
      User Account Management for EPMonDemand
  6. The new account created will appear on the Accounts list. The Status column will be set to New until the user has successfully logged into the Project Server PWA site, at which time the Status column will update to Validated.
    Depending on the settings chosen on the Customer form, within a few minutes of the new user account being created, an email with instructions to complete the registration process will be sent to:-

    • the new user and/or.
      User Account Management for EPMonDemand
    • the primary contact for the customer.
  7. Please review the EPMonDemand User Registration Guide to understand the steps that will be required to be undertaken by the new user so they can log in to Project Server PWA.

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