Using Effective From Dates for Resource Rate Increase

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on May 25, 2018

Many Microsoft Project users are familiar with the ability to change resources rates from an effective date.

Essentially, the Resource is edited in MS Project by double-clicking on the resource and going to the Resource Information -> Costs as shown below:

MS Project handles rates update using this manner nicely. For tasks that span a period that includes a rate increase, Project applies the new rate from the effective date only – just what we want it to do 😊.

However, the Project Online Resource Centre has a couple of intricacies that should be considered.

If the date of the increase is in the past or today – the Resource Centre in Project Online will display the revised rate as expected.

However, if the Effective date is in the future – the Resource Centre in will not automatically display the new rate.

In the below image the new rate of $100/hr is effective but the Resource Centre is displaying the old rate:

For the updated rate to be displayed (and available for OData feeds) the resource needs to be put in edit mode and saved. This effectively forces a refresh of the displayed data as below:

In summary, if displaying the correct rate in the Resource Centre is important (for either users or OData feeds) I would suggest that Resource Managers use the effective from date in MS Project as above. However, to ensure that the Resource centre is displaying the correct rate, these changes are made on the day they apply from i.e. the effective from day. If that’s not ideal then Resource Managers must remember to Edit and Save the resources post the effective date to ensure the updated rates are displayed. Or deploy a custom solution to manage the updates.

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