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Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on November 27, 2012

The default workflow settings allows users of Outlook 2010 to approve an approval task from within the body of an email by clicking on the “Open this task” icon from the Outlook email ribbon.

Users of other mail clients are not presented with this option. In the case where a word document has been sent for approval the approver can usually approve the document from within the document itself – this is also true of list items.

However when a PDF document has been sent for approval the approver does not have a simple way to open the approval task and approve the document.

Blog Objective: To describe the steps required to modify an existing SharePoint document workflow to include a link to the approval tasks for users who do not have the “Open this Task “ ribbon icon.

Firstly let’s find and copy the URL to the Approvals List

  1. From the project site click Site Actions, View all Site content
  2. Click on the Approvals list
  3. Click the My Tasks view (to ensure that users are directed to only their approval tasks when clicking on the link)
  4. Copy the URL from the browser

Next configure the document library approval to include a link to the approval task list (the URL you copied in the previous step)

  1. Select the required Document library.
  2. Click Workflow Settings from Workflow Settings from the Library Ribbon.
  3. Click on the configured workflow
  4. Click Next to move to the second configuration screen where the link to the approval tasks can be pasted.
  5. Add an explanatory comment and paste the copied URL into the request field
  6. Click Save

The revised email notification will include a link to the approval similiar to the below:

“Comment: Thanks for reviewing my document.

To open the approval task for this document click on the below link:

Hope you find this tip to be useful, let me know if you have any feedback or have found any other ways of achieving this same result.

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