Using the Explorer View to Bulk Upload Documents to a SharePoint Site

Posted By Posted by: Dan Stopher on February 5, 2013

I frequently get asked –“Is there some way I can upload multiple documents to a SharePoint site in the same way that I can move files around on a file server”.

In asking this users are typically looking for a way to place documents in different folders on the site quickly. The good news is this functionality is easily available by using the “Open with Explorer”, see the below steps on how to use this function and then use the Datasheet view to update the document properties quickly.

Note: For information on how to make sure these documents are checked in and available for users to access, see the blog in this 2 part series “Bulk Checking in Checked Out Documents”.


Click Steps




  1. From the Project Site quick launch click on the Document Library link
  2. Click Open with Explorer from the Library ribbon
           Project Site
  1. Use the Explorer window that opens to copy, paste and move files on the SharePoint site in the same way you would on your local computer


  1. Click Datasheet view from the Library ribbon to update the document metadata fields
  2. Click Standard View to return to the original document display
       Explorer window


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